Beautiful Swamp Blues Festival - Le Pop Rock bar

The blues are fueled by migration stories: from the “Hobo”, this vagabond traveling from city to city in trains of merchandise to the “back door man”, the one that comes out through the back door when the husband returns home, References to travel are multiple. Even the ternary rhythm, the famous “shuffle” of the blues seems to copy that of the locomotives.
For this new edition the Beautiful Swamp Blues Festival will reason twice at the Pop Rock Bar place of arms:
– FRIDAY, April 21 at 7:30 pm with BIG JOE HUNTER & MANU BOSSER
– SUNDAY 30th April at 5.30 pm, just after the Gospel Show in the hall of arms.

RDV to the POP Rock Bar with the group UNIVERSOUL which will make you travel to the banks of the Mississippi to close this magnificent festival organized by the city of Calais in partnership with the traders.

Vidéo de présentation du bar


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